Volunteer Opportunities at Logos


NEEDED:  Area Expert, Psychology and/or Philosophy

Logos Bookstore uses volunteer specialists called Area Experts. The job is both intellectually stimulating and enjoyable. AE’s prowl through boxes of sorted books in their particular area of expertise. They pick what they feel are the best books and then prices and displays them on an assigned Logos bookshelf. As the shelf empties the AE fills the voids. If a book does not sell, it’s replaced with another. A price guide is posted, intentionally below market price as we have a constant flow of books being donated. The Area Expert receives a summary monthly report of books sold by category and revenue generated. All revenue generated goes to the local library.

Area Experts are given a lot of discretion how to display their bookshelf to maximize sales and movement of books to the reading public. We recognize and accept that all AE’s have a distinct personality and can be applied to how books are presented to the public. Guidance, support, and monitoring comes from the Acquisitions Manager, he being a former professional bookseller.

The successful candidate will be introduced into the system at their pace and comfort. Individual responsibility and independence is given only when the Philosophy/Psychology Area Expert feels ready for it. Ongoing support and advice is always available from the Acquisitions Manager and other Area Experts. We’re developing a back-up system of experts should a particular AE want to take an extended leave.

We seek an individual with an active mind and a love of books who has an advanced academic background in either discipline of Psychology and Philosophy. The candidate is expected to have both a historical and literary perspective to best display and sell books on these topics.

Hours are flexible, Area Experts have access to the Logos store even when it’s closed. Typically, sorting, selection, and bookshelf display for sale are done weekly to biweekly. AE’s usually find themselves looking forward to their next opportunity to go into the store, check out the delivered books in the back room and the movement of books on shelf display.

Contact Rory Osborne at roryosborne@gmail.com for more information.