Volunteer Opportunities at Logos


NEEDED:  Area Experts

Logos Books has a volunteer workforce called Area Experts. Each is responsible for one or more
of our 60+ book sections throughout the store. The work is intellectually stimulating and
personally rewarding.

Area Experts browse through donated books that pertain to their assigned area of expertise. They
select what they feel are the most desirable books and then price and display them in their
section(s) on the sales floor. As books sell the Area Expert restocks that inventory. If a book
does not sell within a certain time frame, it’s replaced with new inventory. A simplified pricing
guide is available, along with pricing advice from the Acquisitions Manager (a former
professional bookseller). Area Experts receive a monthly report that summarizes the sales of
books by quantity and revenue generated per section. All net revenue from Logos Books goes to
the Friends of the Davis Public Library.

Area Experts make decisions on how to display their inventory in order to maximize sales and
compliment the store’s ambience. Guidance, support, and monitoring is offered by the
Acquisitions Manager.

Hours are flexible since Area Experts are granted access to the store 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. Area Experts are expected to conduct maintenance on their section(s) at least biweekly,
but preferably on a weekly basis.

Logos Books is continuously recruiting candidates to fill Area Expert vacancies or to increase
staffing support in a particular book section. If you are interested in joining this enthusiastic and
dedicated team of booksellers please contact our Acquisitions Manager, Paul Takushi, at