What’s New at Logos

America Recycles Day is Nov 15th: Recycle your books!

Books donated to the Friends of the Davis Library will be recycled through Logos Books, as well as the bi-monthly Book Sales at the library.  Let us help you give your books a second life!

How many Books are sold at Logos Books??

Logos keeps precise tallies of all books sold on a monthly basis.  The October 2019 numbers show that we sold about 85 books a day.  The “dollar books” always sell the most, and our average book price is about $3.25.

2nd Friday Art About

Nov 8, 2019
6-8 pm

The November Art About has come and gone, but the show will remain at Logos until replaced by our December artist.
We’ll be featuring art by Jeffrey Granett in a show called “Reflections and Stories”.  His prints are made in three different ways – Linoleum block prints colored with water color paint, using the GIMP computer program as well as linoleum block, and prints from etchings on a surface of clear Plexiglas.
Refreshments will be provided.


Me, Myself and I

I am Jeffrey Granett. From my childhood till now I have had both an artistic and scientific Identity. My art came from my artist-mother and science came from my scientist-father. Because scientists get paid to work whereas artists tend not to be paid, I spent my working years as a professional scientist with art as a back-row interest. A dozen years ago I retired from my Entomology position at UCDavis and since then my prime focus has been art. I was a docent at the Crocker Museum for 10 years and recently retired from that; I have been Chair of the Art Committee at the International House, Davis. But my main art focus has been on making my own art, primarily prints. I have averaged making between 60 and 100 pictures per year. The subjects have been family, animals, landscapes, story-telling, and abstractions.