Here are some commonly asked questions about Logos Books:

What is the price range of your books, I’m on a budget?

It is unlikely you’ll find the number and quality of books less expensive than Logos’ prices. Our average book price is a little over $3, with many books that cost a dollar. And we charge no sales tax, with a special State tax exemption, no other book store in the area can do that.

How large is your book inventory, I’m looking for some used books that I can’t find elsewhere?

Our floor inventory encompasses 900 square feet and our display totals literally thousands of books. Moreover, we sell over 80 books a day and we keep our shelves continuously supplied by volunteer sorters. We’re open 7 days a week. If you don’t find that particular book with one visit, come back a little later. It may be there.

Do you purchase used books, I have some for sale?

Sorry, no. All our books are donated, we’re a non-profit and have no funds to make book purchases.

Can I come to the store and submit a job application? I’d enjoy working at a book store.

Logos Books is all-volunteer staffed and has no paid positions.

I would like to order a particular book. Can I do that?

Yes, but only used books. You can order new books from almost any retail book store that offers new publishings. For a used book, visit our store and state your preference to the cashier. You’ll be shown the section that may have your book already on display. If not, fill out a  book request form available from the cashier. This will alert our book sorters of your interest if the book does come into our inventory.

I need a textbook for a class I’m taking. Can I get it at Logos?

Probably not. Current textbooks are usually sold new and recirculated within the campus community. The textbooks we have donated are usually dated and no longer used in academia. However, some textbooks are historical and timeless, you’re welcome to come in and take a look.

I collect rare and vintage books, do you have any for sale?

We sure do, and at the same time you can avoid paying us sales tax, handling and shipping charges. First, drop by Logos Books and check out the “Vintage Section” bookcase. You will see books and sets of books offered at below current market rate. We also have a spreadsheet listing of some of our more valuable and unique books that includes the current Internet price range for each.  Make a bid on one or more, below what everybody else is asking.  The Logos Cashier can show you that spreadsheet.  Logos Books also encourages folks to “scan” our inventory and pick out as many low-priced books as you want. We will assist in packing them and help you get large book purchases out the door.