513 2nd Street Davis, CA 95616
For more information email: logosdavis@gmail.com
Website: http://logosdavis.org   or http://davislibraryfriends.org/logosbooks/

HOURS: Sunday & Monday 10 am – 6 pm
Tuesday through Saturday 10 am – 8 pm

Rory Osborne,  President, Friends of the Davis Public Library
Hank Wyman,  General Manager
Gary Godefroy,   Assistant Manager
Paul Takushi,  Acquisitions Manager
Pat Martens,  Operations Manager
Isabella Leal,  Publicity and Special Events Manager
Linda Schwartz,  Training Manager
Ann Crane,  Scheduling Manager


Logos Grand Opening
The Friends of the Davis Public Library (FOL) took a courageous leap of faith and signed a three-year lease for Logos Books at 513 Second Street, beginning Feb. 1, 2017. Retiring owners Peter and Susan Linz hoped for another non-profit organization to move into the space, and thanks to a lot of hard work, time and patience, FOL has joined the downtown Davis scene.  Pictured below is the Grand Opening, March 23, 2017.

The Friends receives thousands and thousands of book donations each year, selling them at six book sales (every other month, first weekend of the month). Some of those donations will head downtown to be sold, while the rest will be retained for the library book sales. We anticipate an ever-growing, ever-changing inventory at the store due to the large and continuous supply of free books, donated by generous supporters.

Store “profits” will raise funds to develop and expand the library’s book and eBook collections, fund children’s programs and special events, and purchase furniture and equipment for the library. The store is fully staffed and run by dozens of volunteers, who do everything from hauling books to pricing and shelving them to selling them to happy customers eager to go home with a real “find.” We also vacuum, dust, and provide water to thirsty downtown dogs. Our February sales were terrific, and that was without a full inventory and while implementing many changes on-site, not to mention operating during some torrential rainstorms!

We look forward to having fun while supporting the Friends of the Davis Public Library, surrounded by good books, local art, and visiting musicians. Love your library? Buy a used book!

Logos History
Interested in the history of Logos Books? You can read the retired blog here: HistoryLogosBooks.